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Exonerating Eve: An Aspie Reads Poetry, Prose and Memoir.

"Eve" artwork by Charity Gosling @tapping the

Just how different is an Aspie point of view? You can tune in to a Zoom reading to find out.

This Monday, November 8th at 8 pm PST, I will be reading a selection of my poetry and prose.

When you hear the first line of Lazlo, A Love Story, you will think it is anything but a love story.

The chapter from my memoir, Unforgiving, Memoir of an Asperger Teen, talks about the isolation a child with Asperger’s can experience, their resulting vulnerability from lack of familial support, and the disconnection that can result in familial relations.

The poem the Darkness speaks of turning toward the lighter side of life at last, and Exonerating Eve is a whole new consideration of why Eve ate the apple.

To join me for this reading adventure, click on the link below!

To attend on Monday night, you will need to click on the ‘join’ button at the bottom of the View Event page about five minutes before the reading begins.

The event is free. Just register to get your free ticket and I will see you there!

Any problems with joining the reading, please email me at

Margaret Jean October 11, 2021

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