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Possible Autism Spectrum Behaviours? You Can Find Answers Here…

Have you noticed some issues that consistently challenge your child’s social and/or developmental progress?  Do you think it might be ADHD or maybe even symptoms of Asperger’s or autism (which you’ve heard about, but could not define)?  Where do you go for some basic knowledge to help you sort things out?

Understanding Autism for Dummies is immensely helpful.  Author Stephen M. Shore, MA lectures and consults from within the spectrum.

With the help of co-author, journalist Linda G. Rastelli, Shore  covers everything.  From how to identify signs and symptoms for early intervention to how to get the right diagnosis and develop a specialized treatment plan,  Shore takes you through to finding the right doctor, and manoeuvring your child’s way through the educational system with the best possible outcome.

Shore looks at every aspect of Autism from causes and diagnosis, to biological issues, and learning and social challenges.   In addition he has an entire section devoted to adults with autism, and adds an appendix of helpful resources.  I got it from the library.  You can buy it at your local bookstore or through Amazon and other online booksellers.

Shore’s book is also available through

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