Unforgiving The Memoir of An Asperger Teen

Margaret Jean 2013 August Blog picUnforgiving: The Memoir of An Asperger Teen…

The author above left with her neice, Barita Cotton,

There’s an edgy style to this book, from the title onward.

The author candidly shares her story as an abused teen, an teen alienated from her alcoholic father and enabling mother, with little support and suffering from a growing mental disorder,  Asperger’s Disease. Throughout the volume, the author not only shares her experiences but also educates the audience about Asperger’s and its key qualities: the person suffering from the disease takes verbal statements as literally and always true, unable to see the nuances in body language and voice inflection. The person with Asperger’s also experiences ongoing anxiety and paranoia.  The author uses diary entries to lead into each memory or experience, giving both authenticity as well as personality to the daily challenges.   Editor 79, Writers’ Digest Self-Published Book Contest.

Provides a very real account of how someone with Asperger’s operates in the world, in terms of being left out, often misunderstood, and not being able to pick up the social cues that serves to engage and protect people. Tara Odovichuc

 M. J. Adam has crafted an inspiring book, a definite must-read for anyone who has, knows, is, or was an Asperger’s teen. I highly recommend it for anyone who cares about child survivors of any kind of trauma, and for teens struggling to understand themselves and the world they live in.  Vanessa Grant, Author.

 I loved it, I cried, I laughed. You shared your secrets and your soul.
 Your new fan,  Maureen Wilson

Margaret Jean Adam is an author, speaker and poet who lives in a garden paradise called the West Coast.  She was inspired to write her memoirs after being told one too many times  people don’t talk about those things.

In writing the book, it was my goal to present Margaret Jean not as primarily a victim, but as a child/woman struggling with the aftermath of abuse, working from the stance of a socially challenged child, and still finding solutions.  Whether they were perfect or not became irrelevant.  It was the doing that counted.

My hope is that readers of UNFORGIVING will find powerful reassurance in its pages.

Yours truly,

Margaret Jean.

To preview the book, please go to ‘Unforgiving: The Memoir of an Asperger Teen’ by Margaret Jean Adam at http://www.amazon.com.


5 thoughts on “Unforgiving The Memoir of An Asperger Teen

  1. Alma says:

    thanks for speaking the truth in your book and the recent blogging ….

  2. Ann Kilter says:

    Margaret,is this about your own experience? Or do you work as a professional with Aspie’s?

    • Hi, Ann. Yes, the book is about my 16th summer, the year I got a role in a National Film Board Short. In the 1960’s nothing was known about Asperger’s, and so I found in writing the memoirs honestly, I could only show the behaviours, and the social responses to those behaviours. I would recommend you read it first before giving it to your children to read as it also deals with sexual abuse. Thanks for asking!

  3. Raylene says:

    As I commented elsewhere, we now know my daughter has Asperger’s. So, I definitely will be acquiring this book somehow!

    • Thanks, Raylene. I hope it helps. Please give me some feedback when you have read it. Also, it’s cheapest if you have an e-reader and buy it on Kindle as opposed to a paperback version. Thanks for your support! MJ

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