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Disturbing Ice-Breaker Behaviour Targets Autistic Boy.

By now everyone has heard of the autistic boy who had a bucket of urine and feces dumped over him.  The kids told their victim he was going to be part of an ice-bucket challenge.

Imagine his thrill at being accepted.  Imagine his horror at discovering their real intentions.

This incident perfectly illustrates why older kids on the autism spectrum are paranoid and distrustful of their peers.

The fact that the perpetrators most likely will not be punished in any way is a vivid reminder of how inadequate our systems are in dealing with bullies.

And my question is this:  Why did “autistic” make the headlines, and not “sociopathic”?

Why was the stunt labelled in the terms of the victim and not the perpetrators?

Are their parents proud?  I hope not.  But honestly, I wouldn’t bet on them not being proud.

Are their school friends laughing it up?  If they are, they are more socially challenged than the victim.

The perpetrators are obviously people who lack empathy, compassion and just plain kindness.

Not the kind of people who will ever make a great community, or ever be a part of a strong and supportive society.




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