Shining The Light In Dark Places: “Unforgiving” Is A Powerful Coming Of Age Book…

In almost any circumstances, no matter how challenging, there can be growth.  That’s the theme of my book, UNFORGIVING, The Memoir of An Asperger Teen,  now available on Amazon.

Putting it all down on paper was a tremendous challenge.    How would I write about the events of my early life?  I wanted to speak out, to make it a no-holds-barred kind of book, to stand up and speak out for every woman who lives with the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse.

I felt it necessary to ignore and counter the notion that victims of child abuse should be silent.  Keeping silent enables the families to feel that everything is alright all the while the child is suffering.  And it is precisely this silence that enables the predator to tell himself he is normal, that what he is doing is okay, and to continue preying on children.

In writing the book, it was my goal to present Margaret Jean not as primarily a victim, but as a child/woman struggling with the aftermath of abuse, working from the stance of a socially challenged child, and still finding solutions.  Whether they were perfect or not became irrelevant.  It was the doing that counted.

I hope that readers of UNFORGIVING will find powerful reassurance in its pages.

Yours truly,

Margaret Jean.

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