“Unforgiving” A Review From An Asperger Point of View.

This review of my book, “Unforgiving” was emailed to me from Tara, a counsellor who worked for seven years with people from diverse backgrounds with different issues and challenges.  She is now a life coach in Red Deer, Alberta.

 I love how you somehow managed to bring a lightness to some very heavy topics.

When I say “lightness” I mean that you have found a way to talk about Asperger’s, sexual abuse, and even infidelity in a way that isn’t too overwhelming or emotional to the reader. At times I felt torn because I was enjoying your story and feeling connected to Margaret’s journey but then having to remind myself that the pain and turmoil was real.

I love how you bring the reader into your world and provide a very real and honest account of how a young girl experiences sexual abuse.

Asperger’s or not, how you captured Margaret’s thoughts and feelings are bang on. Not only in the pain and confusion but also in the reactions of family. So many kids could avoid re-victimization if family listened and believed their children.

You also provided a very real account of how someone with Asperger’s operates in the world, in terms of being left out, often misunderstood, and not being able to pick up the social cues that serves to engage and protect people.

The book shows how victims of sexual abuse naturally become sexualized which then acts like a magnet to bring in more sexual predators.

When I started reading this book I couldn’t stop. I found myself trying to hurry through my responsibilities of the day so I could get back to see what was next for Margaret Jean. Like you said, I was done in 2 days.

Thank-you so much for sharing your story with me, I am truly honoured.


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