ADHD–Think You Have It? What Do You Need To Know?

ADHD–we’ve all heard about it.  Parents, school teachers and special ed assistants talk about it all the time.  But if you’re an adult and think you might have ADHD, you might also be wondering  Do I really have to do something about it?  Isn’t it enough to just be aware that I need to focus more?

Fortunately, Drs. Craig Surman, M.D. and Tim Bilkey,M.D have worked with Karen Weintraub to write a really great guide for adults with ADHD.

FAST MINDS How to Thrive if You Have ADHD (Or Think You Might)  is a book built around an acronym that the doctors use to describe symptoms of ADHD.

F is forgetful.  A is Achieving below potential.  S is Stuck.  T is Time challenged.  M is motivational issues.  I is impulsive.  N is for novelty seeker.  D is for distractable and S is for scattered.

If any or all of those scenarios seem to apply to you, this book is very helpful.  And judging by the video that introduces this blog, FAST MINDS could be an essential read for adults with ADHD.

Another great video featuring Dr. Bilkey can be viewed at:

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