Susan Boyle: Asperger’s Meets Opportunity

When Susan Boyle stepped onto that stage in England, she did not look at all like anyone’s idea of a singing star.

In fact, the audience looked askance at her.  Simon Cowell rolled his eyes as Susan rocked Aspegerishly on the stage.

But this did not deter her.  She had been refining her art for years and was confident in her ability.

When she started to sing, the audience gasped in amazement.  Before she finished the first verse, they were on their feet.

Simple Susan, mad, odd, bizarre.”  Susan recalls being rudely labelled.

“But you see,” she goes on to say, “I’m not mad or simple or any of the other names that I have been called over the years.

I have Asperger’s and it doesn’t define me, it gives a greater understanding of who I am.”

How prepared are you to meet an amazing opportunity?  Are you sitting home feeling sorry for yourself?  Or are you working at your gift?  Seeking out your interests, learning more, working harder at being the best you can be?  We all have our down times.  But we can rise up, we can find our feet again, and our faith in ourselves and in our talents.

To read more about Susan Boyle, go to:

Yours truly,

Margaret Jean.


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