MSSNG–Crucial Project Collecting Data on Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Hey, Aspies!  There’s a ground-breaking autism research project and you can be a part of it!

MSSNG is a groundbreaking collaboration between Google and Autism Speaks to create the world’s largest genomic database on autism.

By sequencing the DNA of over 10,000 families affected by autism, MSSNG will answer the many questions we still have about the disorder.

T​hanks to the Google Cloud, this vast sea of information will be made accessible for free to researchers everywhere.

The greatest minds in science from around the world will be able to study trillions of data points in one single database.

Our pilot program of 1,000 whole genomes has led to new discoveries about the disorder.

With over 10,000 whole genomes and the help of the global science community we can far outreach what has been accomplished so far. MSSNG will identify many subtypes of autism, which may lead to more personalized and more accurate treatments.

For questions about MSSNG, please contact us at or call (646) 385-8593.

 To learn more, go to

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Margaret Jean.

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